Rock the House With Concert Insurance!

We recommend that every band and every concert be covered by insurance. We use this great insurance company that gives fast free concert insurance quotes

Our experience in the entertainment industry taught us one thing, concert insurance is not a supplementary thing, it is necessary. Trust us, you do not want to suffer the consequences of a canceled concert without having proper coverage.

5 Reasons your band should sign up for concert insurance!

Lawsuits arising from different liabilities.
Damage caused by drunken attendees of the concert.
Loss or damage of equipment.
Concert cancellations or lack of attendance.
Loss or death of key artists.

Entertainment Film of the Year.

Yet another great film from Eagle Boys, these guys are great! The original content on this film will not be found anywhere else. If they had the proper funding this would no doubtly be a full blown feature film. The film was fully covered with entertainment insurance special for film and movie productions . Entertainment insurance is a smart move unless of course you have some life insurance premium financing plan on all your band members.

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